Easy End of Summer DIY Wall Hanging

Hey + Welcome to my first DIY blog post!!

As school is about to start and summer is winding down I have been inspired to create a project. Inspiration hits at weird times… Anyways I love wall hangings and have always loved how unique you can be with them. I decided to create one for my house and thought I’d show you how along the way!

I am going to lay out how I made mine and also show you areas you can make it your own. Bear with me because this is my first time doing a tutorial type blog and may not be as detailed as hoped. I am sure though that you smart people can figure this out!!

With that, lets get started :)


Here is what you will need:

  • Roll of Non Adhesive Drawer Liner - You will only need a small piece so if you have some use that!

  • Pom-Pom Maker- I use Clover Brand and have 2 different sizes but for this project I only used the smaller size.

  • Scissors- You will need SHARP scissors.

  • Darning needle- You can use whatever size just make sure your yarn can fit through it.

  • Scarp Yarn- Use extra yarn you have around or go buy some. The self changing colored yarn works really great to make those multi colored pom-pom’s. I used Lion Brand Shawl in a Cake!

  • Not Pictured - Stick to hang it on afterwards. I used a twig from outside. Get creative and use whatever you can find!

  • Beads (Optional)

Step 1: Make the Pom- Pom’s


For the size I made you will need to make 16 Pom- Pom’s. Feel free to make more or less depending on the size you are going for. If you have never used a Clover pom pom maker before here is a great tutorial.

** Get creative by using different sized pom-pom’s and different textures of yarn. I used some thick yarn, some thin yarn and some yarn with sparkles throughout it.

You should end up with a pile looking close to this.


Step 2: Layout

Cut a piece of the drawer liner, I started with a 9 x 12”, you can always cut off but you can’t add once it’s been cut! Then lay out all your pom’s and play around with how you want them to look. I wanted my wall hanging to go from longer to shorter so I added an extra row of pom’s to the left side. Once you are happy with the layout move the pom’s off but keep them in order so you don’t forget how you had them!

Step 3: Attach the Pom’s

Start at the top left and attach your top row first.

To attach the pom’s use the darning needle and feed your yarn from front to back so the extra yarn is in the back. Do that to both ends but don’t feed them through the same gap, space them out a tiny bit. I like to feed all the yarn through then flip it over and tie them together all at once so I’m not constantly flipping it back and forth. Tie the two ends together not super tight so the base doesn’t loose it’s shape.

Once you have the first row done move on to the second and so on until all your pom’s are attached!

Step 4: Trimming


Once all your pom’s are attached you can trim your piece down before adding fringe.

Trim so that there is about 1/2 an inch of the base showing under your bottom row of pom’s.

Step 5: Add that fringe

I like to use a book to make fringe because you can make a bunch at once. All you do is wrap yarn around a book and then cut it on one side only. You will end up with a bunch of yarn pieces that are the same length. You want them to be around 6-8 inches long.

Then you group 2-4 pieces of yarn together and use a scrap piece to tie in the middle. Fold it in half and using the scrap yarn you tied in the middle feed that through the bottom of your hanging just like you did the pom’s. Tie the two ends together in the back. Keep adding fringe to the bottom of your hanging.

If you want to only add fringe keep going and add a TON of fringe to fill in the bottom and skip to Step

If you want to add braids and tassels keep following along.

Step 6: Braids

Here is where I was saying I might not be as detailed as planned, but that’s okay!

For the braids you do the exact same thing as the fringe, use a book to make long pieces. These pieces you will need to make a little longer about 12 inches long. Then use a scrap and tie them in the middle. Braid the pieces and knot at the bottom.

Using the two ends of the scrap piece you used to tie the middle, add them to your hanging. There is no rhyme or reason to adding these. Put however many you want and wherever you want them!

You can keep adding fringe and braids to fill in the bottom or you can add one more element of tassels.

Step 7: Tassels

To make the tassels you will follow all the steps to making the fringe. After that you wrap a piece of yarn around a few times 1/4 inch down from the top. Tie a knot and then add some beads as pictured. You may need a smaller size darning needle to feed the yarn through the beads. Add 3-4 beads and then tie a knot at the top so they don’t slide around.

Then just as before attach it to the hanging.

Now is the time to look at your piece and see what needs filled in. Keep adding fringe, braids and tassels as you want until you achieve a full looking hanging.

Step 8: Cleaning it Up

You may be thinking that your hanging is looking a little sloppy at this point. Now is the time to clean it up. If you have some of your base showing, trim the sides. You can steam out your fringe and tassels or you can use my little trick, a hair straightener. If you really want you can leave it looking all crazy, I won’t judge!

The ends are probably going to be all uneven after all that work. Again, if you like that look go for it. You can also trim up the bottom to make it nice and even. I chose to trim mine a little!


Like I said in the supply section, I used a twig for mine but feel free to use whatever you want. About an inch in from both sides feed a piece of yarn through and tie a knot above your stick!

That is all, you should have a pretty little wall hanging after that!

I would LOVE to see your wall hangings.

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