Every time I write a new blog I realize how long it has been since I wrote my last one. I always say I am going to get better at that and maybe one day I actually will. Today I am here to talk about the inspiration behind my new home decor line that I am slowly going to be releasing this year. At first I had a goal to create all the patterns and release them all at once. Turns out I am much too impatient for that, so one by one they will be released.

The whole idea for this line came to me one night, honestly it was that easy. I was struggling for a while to figure out what pattern I “should” release next. I felt super defeated trying to rack my brain for ideas and not being able to come up with anything. My mind gets the best me sometimes and once I hit a mental road block it’s hard for to me to get over it. Once I put my mind aside I decided to started to think of the things I like and maybe I could draw inspiration from things that are right in front of me.

Last year Luke and I went minimal. It started when I watched a documentary called The True Cost. It’s a documentary going behind the scenes of the fashion industry and showing the real cost of fast fashion and the meaning behind the slow fashion movement. It inspired me to go through my own wardrobe and see where I could eliminate some things. It was like tidying up before the show came out. As someone who is very passionate about the movement to bringing a light and ending human trafficking, I couldn’t believe I was okay with a wardrobe that was filled with another form of modern day slavery. After I cleared out my closest I sold what I could and donated the rest. I loved how simple and decluttered my closet started to look and feel. Getting dressed in the morning was taking less time because I wasn’t overwhelmed with my options. I also started feeling really good about the clothes I owned and made my thrifting adventures even more special.

After the closest clean out I didn’t want it to stop there. Luke was hesitant at first but then the documentary Minimalism came out and he watched it about 5 times. We are big doc fans over here if you can’t tell. Although our motivations were different the goal was the same. We had too much stuff and it was starting to bother us. After we both caught the bug we went crazy. We started in one room and went through every drawer, closet, nook and cranny in the room and cleaned shop. It took us a while but when we were done we had a scary huge pile of things we decided we didn’t need. My family had a garage sale and we sold what we could, gave stuff away to friends and then again donated the rest.

This was last year and I can happily say we have kept this up and still love it just as much as we did then. Our home feels simple and clean. We don’t own that much stuff and we did our very best to only keep the things we either needed or just couldn’t part with yet. We are not by any means perfect at this and we are definitely not as extreme as some minimalist. We own things that we just like and we don’t really need them but that’s okay. We have come a long way and still have so much to learn. One thing I really love is that what is out in our home is what we own. We don’t have boxes and boxes of extra stuff stored away anymore and that feels amazing.

With our switch to being more minimal I started to fall in love with minimal home decor pieces. There is something about simple yet beautiful pieces that I love. Bringing it full circle here back to my new home decor line. I decided that since I love simple but pretty home decor pieces, why not make my own? So, that’s what I am doing! I have about 5 ideas in my head that I am really hoping to bring to life. The first one is already in the works and will be released very soon! Here’s a sneak peek for ya and stay tuned for the rest, peace!


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